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Walk-in Wardrobes London- Your One-Stop Storage Solution!

There is no better way to maximise your storage capacity than by installing bespoke designed Walk-in wardrobes London. At Kraft, we guarantee to build our customers a high-quality and personalised walk-in wardrobe with a design made to measure. 

The unique cantilever system, the modular design, and the range of finishes are all excellent in their precise respects, permitting the users to enjoy an outstanding level of flexibility with a walk-in wardrobe which is their one-stop solution to storage problems. 

Every item of the walk-in wardrobe is passionately manufactured and fabricated in our local warehouses, and we take immense pride in bringing together superior quality materials coupled with personal service to ensure all our customers have a great experience using their walk-in wardrobes London.

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Why Choose Kraft?

With the growing competition in the market, as a customer, you have several options to opt for. Regardless, let us convince you of what sets Kraft apart and why you should choose us for your walk-in wardrobes London installation.

Benefits of Walk-in Wardrobes London

Installing a walk-in wardrobe is not only luxury but also highly beneficial, and here are all the reasons why.

Unrestricted And Voluminous Space

A walk-in wardrobe is contained in its separate room, whereby you have the liberty to not only store your dear possessions but also use the space to an optimal level through dressing up, doing your make-up, and even relaxing if that is something you desire. 

With the enormous hanging space at the disposal of a walk-in wardrobe, you can hang all your beautiful clothes and admire or appreciate them endlessly. 

It would be best if you utilised the area as an opportunity to hang and declutter all your belongings and properly organise them in the racks and shelves to ensure they have a lasting life.

Easy Accessibility

A walk-in wardrobe is created and installed only so you can enjoy and do exactly what you wish. Upon entering the closet, you do not have to indulge in opening and shutting cupboard doors or bending to reach out and pick a pair of shoes from awkward corners. Instead, everything is in front of you, displayed prominently.


Behind closed doors, walk-in wardrobes are self-contained, bringing you the luxury of privacy and remaining undisturbed while you dress. Likewise, a walk-in wardrobe works to maximise your bedroom space so that you do not have to face storage issues or have to be intervened.

Highly Customizable

The world is your oyster when customising a walk-in wardrobe and making it bespoke. From adding a full-length mirror, eliminating the designated seating area and extra rows of racks, or choosing to proceed with sleek hinges, elegant handles, and sliding doors, you have absolute discretion over designing your dream walk-in wardrobe that is an evident representation of your style.

Customised Walk-in wardrobes London

Although there are plenty of options for customisation in walk-in wardrobes, the one that we encourage all our customers to consider is the “custom closet island” design. Customers want to enhance their storage space with a walk-in wardrobe, and this design caters to their demands and needs efficiently. 

You still have the upper hand here and can choose the height, depth, width, and additional accessories, such as shelves, drawers, and hanging spaces, that are to be added to your “custom closet island.” 

A closet island already brings all the necessary features of a walk-in wardrobe, such as a dedicated handbag hanging space, jewellery organiser, shelves for belts, drawers for watches, mirrors on the sides, and lights in every corner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely, and especially when considering the price factor, walk-in wardrobes are worth it as their installation is cost-effective and cheaper than building a regular-styled closet.

Though the sizes of a walk-in wardrobe differ per the availability of space, the good size for it is 3 by 2 meters.

Apart from the origin of the words, the meaning of a walk-in wardrobe and closet is the same. The walk-in closet has an American language origin, whereas the walk-in wardrobe has a British language origin.

Yes, you can buy a walk-in wardrobe but make sure it is compatible with your space in size. 

On average, a walk-in wardrobe costs £3,500 to £5,000. 

Window in a walk-in wardrobe is optional. You can get a window if you want a natural light source, but if you do not want natural light, then do not.

Compared to the hinged door counterparts, sliding doors are cheaper. 

In a built-in closet, there is no space for you to move around; however, in a walk-in closet, as the name specifies, you can walk around the space you have hung your clothes and lined your shoes. 

If the space for your walk-in wardrobe is massive, get a door; contrary to this, in small spaces, go ahead with sliding doors. 

Mirror and wood are widely and ordinarily used for making a walk-in wardrobe. 

Class and Convenience With Walk-in Wardrobes London

You must get a made-to-measure wardrobe if you are looking for a walk-in wardrobe to depict class and convenience. 

Though planning your custom wardrobe is complex, rest assured, at Kraft, we prioritize our customers and ensure our wardrobe designers assist them through every step of the designing process.  

Professionals will help you include all the necessary features of a walk-in wardrobe while ensuring that the design you have on paper fits perfectly in the designated space and permits you to walk around and conveniently access all your clothing freely. 

We have ample experience in dealing with, designing, manufacturing, and installing custom and pre-built walk-in wardrobes in spaces of varying dimensions. Our experience with walk-in wardrobes has provided insight into how flexible storage is crucial for a walk-in wardrobe. 

Therefore, for this purpose, we now have a range of drawers, shelves, hanging spaces, and pull-out shoe racks that customers can choose from. Similarly to our previously limited lighting options, we have now included different coloured fairy lights, unique cut mirrors, and sliding doors as an option to consider if you are hoping to cut costs.

Installation of Walk-in Wardrobes London

The method through which a walk-in wardrobe is installed proves to be as pertinent as the construction and design of it. Suppose the walk-in wardrobe has been installed incorrectly. In that case, it will ruin the overall look of your space and significantly compromise the usability, lifespan, and functionality of the walk-in wardrobe.

However, this is something you shall be fine with when working with Kraft because we take utmost responsibility for the actions of our crew, who always demonstrate a high standard of professionality. 

Before the installation crew is set to work, they are made to train within house. Still, their skills are further enhanced, updated, and refreshed with the opportunity to work for our committed customers. 

After your design is completed per your requirements, a pre-arranged time will be settled with you so the installation team can visit and fit the walk-in wardrobe. 

None of the cutting and drilling is carried out on site, and steps are taken to ensure that the furniture around the house or the place flooring is protected against any potential damage.

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