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Sliding Wardrobes London- Tailored To Your Needs

Maximise your storage capacity today and leave no unused space by installing a sliding wardrobe in London. Tailored and made to your needs, at Kraft, we design and manufacture sliding wardrobes for our customers that are not unique in their outlook but also their character.

Whether it is your home office, kitchen, living room, bedroom or children’s bedroom, now, without having to break, redesign or change your house’s existing, original interior and construction, you can have a convenient storage solution for your belongings. 

Every single product that is manufactured is bespoke. Ultimately, our company is all about our customers and their preferences; hence, our primary motivation is to make our sliding wardrobes as ergonomic as possible so every user feels content and relaxed.

Types Of Siding Wardrobes

The tailor-made sliding wardrobes that we make are available for customisation in a varied range of finishes, from mirrored to aluminium doors. 

Every design is open for modification to match your bedroom’s layout and, most importantly, your unique requirements. There are four main categories of sliding door types: aluminium, spray-painted, laminated and mirrored.

Aluminum Sliding Wardrobe

Sided with white and crystal clear glass panels and mirrors to make the wardrobe space look enhanced, lighter, and larger, the aluminium sliding wardrobe is a pick for you if you prefer to go ahead with a minimalistic yet modern look.  We will provide you with any look of the aluminium sliding wardrobe you want, along with the freedom of choosing the number of panels and drawers, frame colour and the composition material of the racks from leather, glass, mirror and wood.

Spray-painted Sliding Wardrobe

The typical idea of a sliding wardrobe comes accompanied by the thought of the doors being made of a material like glass, mirror or MFC. Still, we bring a solution for precisely those house owners who like to have a solid look at their wardrobes. This is brought to you through and within a spray-painted sliding wardrobe.  All the accessories and functionality options we offer in our other types of wardrobes can also be implemented in our spray-painted sliding wardrobes; however, the only difference is a modern feel integrated with a traditional look.

Mirror Sliding Wardrobe

Have a compact space for a sliding wardrobe but want to make the most out of it? Go with a mirror sliding wardrobe, which only with its mirrors in the front, for instance, can make the room look spacious and lighter.  An additional benefit of having a sliding mirror wardrobe within the bedroom is that you can save the costs of purchasing mirrors for dressing up.  The mirror sizes on the sliding doors can be adjusted; you can have a full or a half-length mirror in the front. Likewise, the hanging spaces for keeping maxi dresses, coats or suits can be modified, or you can have hangings for both: long dresses and short jackets with an option to have a bespoke rack for shoe storage.

Wardrobe Ranges

Why Choose Kraft?

As a customer with more than a handful of options for choosing sliding wardrobes London, your discomfort and confusion are valid. Let us persuade you as to why you must choose Kraft.

Reasons Why A Sliding Wardrobe

A sliding wardrobe is a popular choice because of the myriad of benefits that it comes with, so let’s get to exploring reasons why a sliding wardrobe is essential.

Technically Superior

Considering sliding wardrobes regarding technicality, they outdo their hinged counterparts. This is because the mechanism of a sliding wardrobe effortlessly creates a seamless function that increases the user’s utility. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the hinges wearing out because there are none on a sliding wardrobe, and this is perhaps the reason for their durability.

Functionality Is Dual

A sliding wardrobe provides space for storage, but if you have a mirrored sliding wardrobe, that is highly beneficial. Your room will look illuminated and increase in size and volume. Also, you can use the mirrors to dress up in front of them.

Offer Maximised Space

The biggest boon compelling to get a sliding wardrobe is that they do not open outwards. Hence, the space in front of the sliding wardrobe can be used as a cosy and comfortable sitting, and also you can place a tv stand or bed near them, and no issues will occur at all.

Convenient Access

All that has to be done to access your belongings is to slide the door. Though this may be a secondary factor to you, it is a primary consideration for many other people as they want to pursue a way for uncomplicated storage that does not require closing doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compared to their hinged door counterparts, sliding wardrobes are not expensive.

Despite being a contemporary storage solution, sliding doors are an excellent and the most viable.

An average wardrobe in the UK will always cost you more than 3000 pounds; however, depending on the size, prices may vary accordingly.

Not only are sliding doors cheaper than a hinged door wardrobe but to your surprise, they are also a much more economical option.

Out of the most common disadvantages is that sliding doors are demanding in that they must be cleaned every day, and, over time, the sliding tracks may become stiff, making it difficult to slide the door across the entire wardrobe.

If you are looking for an option better in safety than a sliding door, then it is a French door.

Due to how French doors operate, they acquire a superior safety level to sliding doors.

Conventional swing doors are the best type of door for a wardrobe.

French doors are better than sliding doors primarily because they provide you with an amplified space and are more flexible.

The construction material of the door determines the strength of a sliding door. Supposedly, the strength will be fragile for glass, but for wood, the strength will be much more.

Different Door Sliding Wardrobes

A sliding wardrobe does not have to be a single sliding door but can be available in several other options.

Two-Door Wardrobe Sliding

Two-door wardrobe sliding option is known to be the most renowned amongst customers due to its being budget-friendly and an ideal solution to accommodate a small to medium size space.

Three-Door Wardrobe Sliding

A way to further maximise the storage space is having a three-door wardrobe sliding, which will offer you more capacity to store away accessories and clothes within a range of rains, shelves and drawers.

Four-Door Wardrobe Sliding

The four-door wardrobe sliding holds the most maximised storage ability, which customers seek when looking for a stylish and innovative storage option. This is the prime choice if you want to transform your entire room into a storage facility.

Designing Your Wardrobe

Designing the wardrobe and its completion entails many points to be accounted for, such as the dictated budget of the project, size, shape, functionality, and the materials to be used. 

Every wardrobe that we design is undoubtedly unique in all respects. Hence the procedure begins with the designer working with the customer listening to their demands, taking measurements of the space and then demonstrating the design on paper. 

After tweaking the rough drawing and changing the nuances, materials, colours, and fittings, the final design is agreed on per your satisfaction.

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