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Kitchen Furniture London- Bespoke Yet Chic!

Wanting to upgrade your kitchen furniture or renovate the entire area? Your solution for all your kitchen furniture London problems is Kraft.

There has never been a substitute for craftsmanship, and at Kraft, true and remarkable craftsmanship is at the essence of whatever we create. 

We curate all our kitchen furniture in London by keeping in mind the needs of our clients and providing them with a gorgeous, luxurious, and visually appealing outcome by fixating our attention and skills to give each detail a beautiful and amplified character. 

Whether your kitchen is a luxury, a practical one or one with a small space, with our dedicated designers on the artisan’s team, we have always accomplished our mission of satisfying customers. 

This is done through understanding what you come looking for from us simply by expending our energies on delivering what you want, which is traditional, contemporary, urban, rural and suburban kitchen furniture  London.

Kitchen Furniture Ranges

Why Choose Kraft?

There are plenty of readily available options when deciding where to purchase kitchen furniture in London, but we advocate you must choose us. So, let us convince you why your decision should be in Kraft’s favour and no one else’s. 


It is such a hassle to order your kitchen furniture in London from one showroom and then wander around the others in search of additional accessories. 

At Kraft, we give our customers the added benefit of shopping for all their kitchen necessities under one roof. Whether it is your kitchen furniture, handmade tiles, lighting or antique and vintage pieces, all of it is available at our one-stop-shop.


We feature a wide and varying variety of furniture at Kraft. From offering kitchen cabinets, sinks and shelves, we elevate our furniture game with a twist by bringing an exquisite collection of stools, comfortable chairs and tables. 

Even if you do not choose something out of our collection, the option to have an item of furniture tailor-made to your taste is available.


Beautiful tiles that you will see at our showroom are all handmade. With the incorporation of meticulous details, every set of tiles we have on display is a representation of a unique vintage, a contemporary or modern story to fit the vibe of your kitchen furniture London. 


From delicate ceramic lights to cautiously crafted switches and carefully made sockets, all by hand, you can pick the electrical lighting in your kitchen per the mood you want to set for the space. 

Vintage Pieces

It does not matter if we are considering furniture or add-on pieces in the kitchen; rest assured, you always go right with vintage. With the antique and vintage pieces we bring about from around the globe, you can choose the one that will be the most well-suited for your kitchen and other spaces around the house. 

Your kitchen, Your Requirements

With the right furniture in place, your kitchen will be fully prepared to resonate a lovely setting for multiple occasions; hence your new kitchen furniture London must be the most appropriate. 

Though we allow our customers to retain their creative freedom ultimately. However, we still do not expect them to make all the decisions independently but have our knowledge team as a guide to assist in navigating through the entire process. 

Since it is your kitchen; therefore, it must be per your requirements, where you can add a lot of personalised details to every aspect to make it bespoke, precisely adding the cabinetry or the tiles on the surface. 

We do not categorise ourselves as control freaks; regardless, we do prefer thinking we are perfectionists aspiring to manufacture installations for every nook and cranny by ourselves and at our factory to ensure to attain absolute control over the quality. 

This empowers us to select the finest materials for you and maintain our promised precision at every stage in the design and production of kitchen furniture London. As a result, we demonstrate our perfectionism and passion for integrating a charming character into every piece of furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose a traditional or a modern design depending on your needs. Whatever setting will be convenient for you to cook in.

Handless kitchen furniture is impractical, considering there are no handles, and pulling out drawers is difficult. 

Yes, the shaker kitchen style is trending and gives a minimalistic look to the kitchen. 

Cabinets with handles are the best. 

Revolving stools look perfect for kitchen counters, whereas chairs may look extra. 

Hanging lamps not only look good on high ceilings but also do provide light to the counter. 

Marble tiles are a good pick; they are everlasting and always stay in style. 

Neutral colours are suitable only if your house’s interior has the same theme. Else they may look out of place when only in the kitchen.

Decoration pieces look good in the kitchen, but they should be antique.

A dining table and its placement in the kitchen is your choice and depends on the kitchen space. 

Kitchen Design Types

Handless Design Kitchen

The immediate feel that a handless design kitchen brings is that of a combination of traditional yet contemporary cabinetry. Crafting a handless kitchen is a task requiring specialist craftsmanship as, at all times, the functionality of the kitchen has to be observed. 

Design with clean and sleek lines must still allow the drawers, doors, and cabinets to open even when the handles are absent. 

But suppose you are looking for a streamlined and simple flow in the kitchen with an element of tradition and modernity. In that case, the handless design kitchen is an effortless marriage between the both.

Classic Shaker Design Kitchen

Shaker design accented its traces from the middle of the 18th century and endured its popularity for its intentional functionality and fine simplicity, bringing out an aesthetically appealing look in the kitchen. 

With the varying choices for colour and through an introduction of style and personality, the classic shaker design kitchen is an ideal kitchen look for you if you prefer something minimal in detail.

Inset Design Handles For Kitchen

Inset design kitchen stands somewhere amid a handless and classic shaker design. Truly unique and undeniably stylish, inset kitchen designs have contemporary handles and a luxurious detail to the kitchen cabinets. 

Particularly, with a classic shaker design kitchen, inset design handles blend in perfectly, resulting in a minimalistic, sleek look that still has the functionality needed to operate doors and drawers.

Procedure At Kraft

Our inspiration for service has been founded on exceptional and in-detail craftsmanship. Despite the painstaking procedure of metamorphosing every kitchen into something that exhibits class and trend, we find immense joy in creating a dream kitchen for all our customers that is functional and beautiful. 

A deep-rooted belief that Kraft firmly stands by is to ensure that every kitchen is as delightful to use as it is to admire. Our bespoke charming interiors are designed thoughtfully to elevate your kitchen area and enhance your lifestyle. 

For you to have your dream kitchen vision transitioned into a living reality with Kraft, we have a procedure to follow, and it entails the following steps:

Step1: Booking an appoint

Step2: Initial consultation with the designer 

Step3: Production of a detailed plan

Step4: Building your kitchen furniture

Step5: Installing kitchen furniture 

Step6: Be in awe of your new kitchen!

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