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Home Office London, Create Your Own Space!

Setting up a home office London comes with its specific needs, especially when considering furniture to place. An important determining factor you must rely upon to reach a decision is the amount of space available to spare, and then per that, you must begin with your search for home office furniture. 

At Kraft, we have a wide range of office furniture that will meet all your requirements, including storage, style, price and size. It does not matter whether your home office space is enormous or small because, understanding how area plays a prominent role, we also have space-efficient home furniture designed for you. 

We pride ourselves on the high-quality office furniture we provide our customers, such as filing cabinets, office accessories, reception desks, and so much more. Every piece of furniture we have serves a multipurpose function; where a desk could cater to you as a writing desk, it could simultaneously be used as a storage solution.

Furniture We Offer

At Kraft, we try our level best to accommodate every customer that comes to us. For that reason, we offer a variety of the same product to make sure to bring several sub-categories within the main category. 

Home Office Chair

Our company brings you the widest choices for office chairs. Out of all these options, you can select the one that will cater to you in every respect, for example, in quality, design and budget. Our vast product portfolio for home office chairs, including task office chairs, mesh back office chairs, director’s chairs, aluminium chairs, ergonomic chairs, and precisely manufactured for back sufferers- orthopaedic home office chairs. 

If you are a preserver of space in your house, and a home office is only your temporary setup, then we also have a solution: folding home office chairs.

Home Office Desk

Out of the many important pieces of furniture in an office, one must always remember the integral role played by a home office desk. It is not only a place to house your cup of coffee, computer and stationary but it is the place where you will be spending most of your time. 

Therefore, from the office desks we have manufactured to prove to be bespoke through comfort and practicality, you can choose the one you think is the most well-suited for you not to feel unproductive and invaded by the workstation.

Home Office Storage

Whether the office is at home or the workplace, most workers underestimate the power of storage and fail to consider the importance of storing necessary documents and files. With the clutter, and the awry, untidy atmosphere of the home office, it becomes complicated to search for things, and you only end up wasting time. In the day of saving and protecting data, productively protecting information calls for you to purchase a home office storage. 

Even if the sizes we have of the home office storage fail to fit in your home office space, we are here to your rescue and, according to your area dimensions, can alter the storage for you or create a new one!

Home Office Ranges


Why Choose Kraft?

Understandably, picking out a company to serve you with home office London furniture is a task, especially taking into account the multiple other competitors in the market. 

So let us convince you why Kraft is the right choice and place for you to be.

Build & Design Procedure

Our build and design procedure is as follows:

Step1- Briefing

First, we will summon you to our company, whereby your workplace strategy will be discussed with the designers in the briefing. Here you can lay out all your requirements which will be understood and listened to by our team. Per your stance, recommendations will be made. 

Step2- Build-up

In the subsequent meetings after the briefing, a hand drawing will be made by our artists, who will be guiding you to visualise the transformation of your home office concept into a real home office to provide you with a real sense of what your future space will look like. 

Step3- Coordination

Next up, we will aim to coordinate your agreed design with the physical makeup of the property where the home office setup will be. In this step, we ensure that your space’s electrical and mechanical facets are included in the design. 

Step4- Finalisation

After all these considerations, the design is synchronised with the final programme, and we will give you a comprehensive document containing the budget, schedule and specifications, after which the construction and the metamorphosis of your home office London furniture will begin. 

Home Office Inspirations

Space-Saving Home Office London

Only because the space for your home office London is small does not mean you have to take the high road of compromise; instead, you should be indulging in an in-depth search for contemporary designs that will maximise and enhance function. 

Consider adding practical, functional, and classy furniture to be placed, such as shelves, drawers, and surface space. All these will be to your advantage but maintain slender and sleek silhouettes.

Elegance in Practicality

There is no hard and fast rule for your London home office to resemble a real-life office. You do not have to go all out clearing spaces around the house; instead, multiple chic furniture options can simply integrate an office space in any corner of the house, be a bit more practical. 

For example a luxurious faux-leather task chair and a rich wood office desk can seamlessly blend into any corner of your conventional bedroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chair, desk, lamp and storage space. 

No, you can set up a home office anywhere around the house, wherever you desire. 

Yes, the desk needs to be near the socks to charge your laptops or connect computers and lamps. 

A storage desk is crucial as it helps in organising documents and files. 

A desk size that will fit perfectly in your designated home office space.

Leather chairs are practical and can blend in any corner of the house. 

Depending on your preference, go with a modern or traditional home office look.

Folding chairs help you save space and can serve multiple purposes, so they are handy.

Table lamps provide adequate light to prove sufficient for a home office. 

Our Motto

Though you could be attaining the services for home office London furniture from any other brand, what sets Kraft apart is our belief that there is no potential substitute for experience.

With our highly successful past track record, accompanied by our in-house team managing and taking on all projects, every tradesman we have employed is exceptionally experienced and qualified. 

At Kraft, our employees will spare no moment to assist you. They will provide comprehensive and professional advice to help you decide your appropriate type of home office furniture. 

With them by your side, you will be finalising those furniture items which are not only chic in their outlook but also represent functionality and class. We are proud to have a commercial sense through which we ensure to deliver every project within the specified timeline and budget.

First, we consider the needs of every project in its unique manner and then work closely, side-by-side, with the client, from pre-construction and design to actual building and construction, to deliver a seamless and hassle-free service.

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