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Hinged Shaker Wardrobes London- Minimalistic Storage Solution

If there is any way through which you can give your house a discerning addition, it is through hinged shaker wardrobes London. 

These wardrobes are a modern and sleek add-on in your bedroom, whereby you can mix and match the wardrobe’s colour with your room’s interior. Carcass, or the internal part of the wardrobe, can be manufactured in the wood you choose; it can be an Italian or an oak wood panel made bespoke by selecting from the multiple textures and shades we have made available. 

Additionally, all the drawers, doors, racks and shelves can be tailored per your requirements. Along with the fully custom-made hinged shaker wardrobes London, we also offer our customers the privilege to get matching furniture designed, such as chest of drawers, bed cabinets, beds or a dressing table which will be manufactured according to the highest standards, delivered and fitted all for you by Kraft.

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Why Choose Kraft?

A crucial decision is to decide who to choose to create a bespoke hinged shaker wardrobe London. Let us convince you why Kraft is the right choice for you!

Why A Hinged Shaker Wardrobe

Understandably, everyone has their preferences- likes and dislikes, but will you like to bring an elegant storage solution into your house to satisfy the modern-age house owner’s needs? A storage capacity that is quirky to keep yet exhibits a minimalistic design? 

With hinged shaker wardrobes London, you will leave your nosey pickets’ neighbours’ envy unsettled as soon as they walk into the house. Painted doors in shaker style, proper and accurate hinge fittings are everlasting and will never go out of style. Nevertheless, it will surely provide your house’s space with the epitome of functionality and class. 

From the outside, the hinged shaker wardrobe, through choosing the right colours and textures, can subtly blend in with your interior and furniture; however, from the inside, the depths of the cupboards and the numerous spacious drawers and racks has enough room to accommodate all your belongings, whether it be for storage or organisational purposes. 

Everyone desires a chic and outstandingly well-furnished home to flaunt. You can do this and show the world that it is possible to effectively utilise the smallest spaces of the biggest homes by ordering a hinged-shaker wardrobe at Kraft.

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Benefits Of Fitted Loft Wardrobes (4 paras)

Agreeably, you can place any already built cupboard in your loft, but why a bespoke fitted loft wardrobe in London? Rest assured, a custom-made design is much better than a conventionally available wardrobe ready to be purchased and here is why:

Subtly Blends-in With Loft

Precisely considering the space and outlook of a loft, there is a complex and incomprehensive layout of the room. Almost always, certain walls will be present that will be mismatched with the others, and whenever you attempt to find a traditionally designed wardrobe for the room, something will lack. 

Therefore, a fitted loft wardrobe is the wardrobe that has been built for you after the design and the loft dimensions have been closely observed, and they are made such that every nook and cranny of the designated space is catered.

Increases Property Value

Potential buyers of a property value nothing more than a house with abundant storage space; from this point of view, fitted loft wardrobes in London are a useful asset. Contemplating your decision from this angle of whether to get a fitted loft wardrobe installation makes concluding much easier and more convenient.

Custom-made Wardrobe Reduces Space Waste

A custom-made loft-fitted wardrobe in London can be manufactured in quite literally any manner to accommodate the space of your loft. With the multiple designs crafted at Kraft, such as dormers, hip-to-gable, mansard, velux, and L-shaped, adjusting a wardrobe and converting the loft into a functional and practical space for our customers is a skill we have mastered.

Optimise storage space

With time our belongings have been increasing. Simultaneously, the sizes of our new homes are decreasing, missing extra storage space. 

So to ensure that all belongings are kept safely, secured and organised in space, the perfect solution is to optimise your living arrangement by adding a loft-fitted wardrobe. 

Build-in wardrobes within a loft are the most appropriate for seamlessly blending in with today’s homes’ sophisticated and modern interiors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hinged door wardrobes are advantageous because they have an improved room for visibility. You can view the wardrobe completely whenever the door is open.

Hinged wardrobes come with doors attached to the frame with hinges for opening and closing the doors.

Though the best kind of door for a wardrobe varies with every user; however a common consensus reached for the best door for a wardrobe has been swing doors- hinged doors.

Shaker-style wardrobes were first introduced in the 18th century, and they have hard and crisp lines over them with a square frame. These wardrobes are very appealing visually and also extremely versatile.

The reason behind the costliness of the shaker style wardrobe is the high quality that these wardrobe types have, which makes them extremely durable.

Shaker style is popular because of its minimalistic design and partly because it has a history following the 18th century, making it a classic.

Compared to kitchen rangers, shaker-style cabinets are less expensive and more economical.

Shaker style has an outline, otherwise known as a frame. In contrast, this is missing in the European style, which is rather smooth, flat and without a frame.

Yes, shaker cabinets are more expensive than flat cabinets.

Preferable hinges for wardrobes are slide-on hinges. These hinges hold the door firmly and precisely, preventing them from leaning onto a single side.

Shaker Design- Traditional Yet Timeless

Shaker-hinged wardrobes manufactured at Kraft are inspired by 18th-century craftsmen who pioneered designing such masterpiece shaker furniture. 

We take and adapt cues, integrating a minimalistic design of simple lines in the wardrobe to ensure the final result feels traditional but simultaneously does the job of flawlessly complimenting the contemporary home and its character. Shaker-hinged wardrobes are a perfect fit for any bedroom in London and put every space on a modern spin of the timeless trend. 

Out of the entire wardrobe, the most prominent feature that stands out are the doors. They come featuring recessed panels and are set in wide frames that acquire the shape of a rectangle or a square. 

Fortunately, the clean and crisp lines on the shaker wardrobes make the customisation of the wardrobe much more convenient. Convenience delivered by these lines is in terms of catering to the space as they are an ingenuine option to place a tailor-made wardrobe in an awkward loft space, an alcove, under the stair nooks, or a bedroom with high or sloped ceilings. When placed in such places, shaker-hinged wardrobes in London blend in so easily and quickly that no passerby would ever notice the wardrobe installation to have happened recently. 

Last but not least, shaker wardrobes might seem appealing in their appearance, but they also are appealing in their functionality. Shaker furniture, even when crafted in the 18th century, prioritised functionality and following the line; our company also makes wardrobes that shine with their storage capacity. 

Within every shaker wardrobe, we offer users several options to put away their commodities. Whether it is your maxi Dress or a short jacket, tie, or shoes, within the shaker-hinged wardrobe, there is a place for anything and everything.

Creating Your Shaker Wardrobe

Kraft uses a medium-density fibreboard (MDF) to create every bespoke hinged shaker wardrobe. It is a precision-engineered material from a combination of materials such as wax, natural wood, and resin, all blended at a high temperature and then pressured to create the strongest MDF. 

Recently, MDF has been considered a modern alternative to solid timber. Still, MDF is versatile, eco-friendly and sustainable; therefore, an ideal material to recreate the lines on shaker-hinged wardrobes.

All our designs have a contemporary yet classic look, and choosing your favourite one will not be difficult because of the many options we will present to you. Even if you cannot decide from our pre-made designs, work with our talented designers and create your design!

Renowned Shaker Spray Painted Wardrobe

One of the concerns demonstrated very frequently by our customers is the concern of the spray paint on the doors- will you have a matching colour? At Kraft, we ensure that every shaker-hinged wardrobe is spray-painted by a professional and in the colour that the customer demands. 

We also propose ideas to give your wardrobe a brand-new twist. Such as particular, if a wardrobe is for a nursery, we have designated bespoke Kraft colours to paint the room for a boy and girl, blue and pink, respectively. 

Moreover, we also have a plethora of shades and tinges of deep, dark and neutral colour tones, which would be great for a wardrobe that is to be fitted in a room or a dressing room.

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