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Hinged Door Wardrobes London, A Forever Classic!

Hunting for a classy outlook but an amazing option for a storage unit? Go with the classic Hinged door wardrobes London that come in an opportunity where you have absolute freedom in terms of choosing the design, colour, style, finishes and materials! 

The liberty for customisation that we provide our customers with allows you to create your ideal wardrobe at your disposal, for which we offer a plethora of choices for a high-quality storage capacity featuring an exclusive design. 

Whether it be a mirrored or a wooden hinged door wardrobe, keeping in mind the essentials of our consumers’ modern and classic taste, we have it all under one roof for you at Kraft.

Multiple sizes are available for a bespoke wardrobe; our hinged door wardrobes can fit in any space, regardless of how small or large it is.

Wardrobe Ranges

Why Choose Kraft?

The difficult decision that every customer has to make is to choose the outlet from which they will get their bespoke hinged door wardrobes London made. So let us convince you why you should reside your trust in Kraft.

Hinged Door Wardrobe Types

Choose and customise your hinged door wardrobe with our several options for composition materials. You can select and go ahead with a wooden or a mirrored wardrobe; the quality you will be getting in either will be the same- superior to what you might be getting elsewhere.

Spray Painted

The custom-made and spray-painted hinged door wardrobe is open for all sorts of alternations you may desire. It is spray-painted by hired professionals in the most well-suited colour to your room’s interior. 

Even if the colour you want to have spray paint is not available at the moment, we will make sure to have it mixed and matched for you. Style the wardrobe in any colour and according to the theme. 

Looking for a nursery? We have a perfect shade of blue and pink that will make the classy storage unit match perfectly with your baby’s room interior.


Give your room and your wardrobe a new and refined look with veneered oak wood that comes along with brass strips as an additional option to aid in creating a luxurious look. Wooded wardrobes can be placed anywhere around the house regardless of how awkward the location may be, such as in a loft, under the stairs and even in high-ceiling rooms.

Gloss Finishing

Undoubtedly, gloss-finished hinged door wardrobes are among the most famous choices for fitted bedrooms. The clean, elegant and simple lines in the finishing take the entire look of the wardrobe to another level. 

Knobs, handles, and other accessories such as shoe storage, drawers, trousers and tie racks can also be transitioned to create your bespoke wardrobe.


You must choose a mirrored-hinged wardrobe to give your room a lighter and larger look. Our custom-made mirrors can be fitted on the wardrobe in any glass effects, colours and size. 

A mirrored hinged wardrobe is not only ergonomic in utilising the available space, but it also flawlessly compliments the chosen room in which it is to be placed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compared to hinged doors, sliding doors are a better option because they do not rely on hinges to be opened or closed and because they tend to be more spacious, giving you extra space to store your belongings.

Hinged wardrobe doors are doors that already come attached to the frame of the wardrobe and give a complete view of the things in the wardrobe when the door is opened.

Ideally, sliding doors are the best option for wardrobe doors. However, this subjective opinion can change according to a user’s preferences.

Hinged door wardrobes, compared to their sliding door counterparts, are a bit costly, but even sliding doors can be out of your affordability per the materials you choose.

Hettich hinge is manufactured by the renowned brand “Hettich”, which promises all its customers to manufacture long-lasting, reliable and innovative hinges for them.

Yes, after renewal, sliding doors can be transformed into hinged doors.

On average, a hinged door wardrobe’s width can vary between 600mm to 2400mm, but obviously, this factor highly depends on the space you want the wardrobe to be installed in.

A standard wardrobe in the UK is approximately 60cm in depth, with an enormous storage capacity.

A good wardrobe size is a size that allows you to store at least 40, 50 or more items on the shelves, racks, drawers, and hangings simultaneously.

Yes, door hinge size is a crucial factor, and the size should be chosen precisely and accurately for the seamless functioning of the wardrobe’s doors.

Designing Process

Designing the hinged door wardrobe procedure is kept simple and easy at Kraft. For every customer that we have with the demand for a hinged wardrobe, to them, a designer is assigned who accompanies them from start to finish to ensure a smooth and comfortable customer experience. 

The work begins with the designer first noting down your demands of the wardrobe and how you want it to be in the outlook and then is followed by a rough draft for you. 

Many tweaks, additions and subtractions are made to the design, which continues until a design specifically for you is made. 

Subsequently, the designer takes the measurements of the space, and then based on the interiors, style, budget, and finish, the wardrobe is sent for manufacturing to the factory.

Once manufactured, our wardrobe installation team successfully undertakes the task of installing the wardrobe in your place.

Traditional Yet Practical

Hinged door wardrobes London are a traditional yet practical solution for every space. Whether it be an awkward loft space, a room with angled walls, alcoves, or a reception, It is the greatest storage solution for the metamorphosis of a hoarded area. 

The massive space of the wardrobe functions to permit you to shelve, hang, or rack away all the belongings loosely lying around your room. 

At Kraft, we try to transform your dream room into a reality through our hinged door wardrobes by making them bespoke and adding a touch of sleekness and class to make them unique and eye-catching.

Personalised Hinged Door Wardrobes

Although crafting and designing a hinged-door wardrobe gives designers a tough time, primarily because of the extensive requirements of the door being open and closed with hinges that must be met. 

Still, we do not compromise on our loyal customer base; instead, we bring you a high-quality, eco-friendly wardrobe with an affordable price tag. We aim to curate beautiful, functional designs for you that maximise the capacity of storage that you already have. 

A hinged-door wardrobe is an ideal secret storage place where you can hide, store and organise all the commodities you want to keep safe but simultaneously within reach. Additionally, another aim is to produce designs that subtly blend in to suit the interior of your house while permitting you to add your shades of personalisation inspired by the room the wardrobe is prepared to be placed in. 

With a hinged door wardrobe, we want you to keep your place clutter free despite how little or how much it might be because everyone deserves to start their day with a fantastic organisation which is only catered to through a bespoke wardrobe layout.

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