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Small and practical, spacious and luxurious, your bedroom is how you want it to be. The very room you go to sleep in every night, and the very room you wake up to every morning, Kraft will do everything to ensure you have the bedroom of your desires. From beautiful fitted wardrobes to amazing built-in furniture and dressing rooms, we have it all for you. Your room is your comfort spot, speak to us and let us help you create it to your desires.

What we do?

We are specialists in designing, manufacturing, and installing loft room furniture including wardrobes. We have provided loft wardrobe solutions to countless homes in the UK to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our experience allows us to provide you with the best solutions without compromising even an inch of your loft space. For the best fitted and bespoke loft wardrobes UK, get in touch with us today.

How do we do it?

For Providing the best Fitted Loft Wardrobes London, we first send our designers to your home. They take the most precise measurements to ensure that none of your space is wasted. Once the measurements have been taken, our team will discuss your choices for colour, material, layout, etc. We will provide you with a free quote. Upon your acceptance of the quote, your wardrobe will be manufactured. Once it is ready, our expert team will deliver it to your home and install it to perfection. For top class Loft Fitted Wardrobes in London, hire our expert services.

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Cost of fitted Loft wardrobes

The cost of fitted loft wardrobes depends on numerous factors. For instance, wardrobe design has a significant influence on cost. Walk-in wardrobes have a different cost. The material and the configuration you choose will also contribute to the Loft Fitted Wardrobes London.

Research shows that fitted wardrobes can typically cost £2,000 or more than conventional wardrobes, while a walk-in wardrobe can cost a lot more than this. Customized or made to measure wardrobes can cost more than 2,500, depending on your choices. Wardrobes constructed from MDF are considered affordable, however, cherrywood or plywood wardrobes will increase your cost substantially.

The type of finish will also influence the cost. The internal configuration is another important cost determinant. How many shelves or drawers you install will also change the cost of fitted wardrobes in loft.

Estate Value

Fitted loft wardrobes can add considerable value to your home if they are well fitted. Loft conversions are carried out primarily because of space shortages and if the wardrobe covers unnecessary space, then there is no point in loft conversions. We make sure that we tailor your Fitted Loft Wardrobes London according to your loft space. A properly designed and installed wardrobe will make your room spacious and beautiful. It will also add to your home’s estate value and make it appealing for buyers.

Fitted Loft Wardrobes London

Why Us?

Best Designs

We provide jaw-dropping designs for your built-in wardrobes in loft conversion. You can check out the pictures of several projects which we have finished on our website. We take extreme care when it comes to measuring and cutting. We design wardrobes to make sure they provide maximum space and at the same time do not use up valuable loft space. Our best Fitted Loft Wardrobes in the whole London will add to the elegance of your lofts. You can choose from a wide variety of available designs or make your own by consulting our designers. You have numerous colour and material options to choose from. Loft space is tricky to work with, this is why we have the most experienced designers. Our made-to-measure loft wardrobes are highly suitable for awkward places like sloping ceilings and alcoves. We also provide an internal wardrobe configuration for anything you want to store. These include shoe racks, drawers, jewellery boxes, etc.

Other Reasons to Choose Us

  • Best team of experts comprising of designers, fitters, etc.
  • Affordable rates and discounts on various pieces of loft furniture.
  • Premium quality materials used in the construction and integration of Fitted Loft Wardrobes London.
  • Timely instalment after the wardrobe has been manufactured.

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 Get in touch with us if you want Loft Wardrobes London for your home or any other loft furniture. You can call us on our registered number and request a free visit. You can discuss your loft wardrobe ideas with our designers and fitters. A free visit is the best possible way to get it right, so we recommend the same. You can also get in touch with us online through our website.

Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!

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