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Fitted Loft Wardrobes London- Conversion Of Lofts

A loft room has so much more storage potential than the awkward angles and the dimensions of it may depict, and a way to utilise every inch of the storage space without wasting a considerable amount of space is through Fitted Loft Wardrobes London.

Fitted Loft wardrobes are ideal for maximising the attic room’s storage capacity and transforming it into a functional area. Though a freestanding wardrobe could have been adjusted to the sloping ceiling, alcoves, angled walls and eaves, we say you integrate a fitted loft wardrobe into the room to make the most out of the space. 

With the guidance provided by our expert help and the diverse skill set they acquire, formulating stylish designs for your fitted loft wardrobe is not a task at all. It is, in fact, your only road to an upgrade out of the awkward-shaped loft and into a bespoke space-saving room.

Wardrobe Ranges

Why Choose Kraft?

With the multiple options, choosing a company willing to commit and work per your needs is difficult. So let us convince you why to choose Kraft.

Practical Solution For Storage

Whether you are storing your skiing gear, seasonal clothing, camping equipment, extra tools or luggage, a fitted loft wardrobe is the most practical and trending solution for enhancing storage space. 

With the additional shelves, hanging rails, pull-out drawers, storage compartments and shoe racks installed in your bespoke fitted loft wardrobe, you can store all your essentials without needlessly fretting over them losing out on their shape or being a victim to rusting. 

Tailor-made lofts by Kraft are made to suit your space, complement your lifestyle, and ease your specific storage needs.

Benefits Of Fitted Loft Wardrobes (4 paras)

Agreeably, you can place any already built cupboard in your loft, but why a bespoke fitted loft wardrobe in London? Rest assured, a custom-made design is much better than a conventionally available wardrobe ready to be purchased and here is why:

Subtly Blends-in With Loft

Precisely considering the space and outlook of a loft, there is a complex and incomprehensive layout of the room. Almost always, certain walls will be present that will be mismatched with the others, and whenever you attempt to find a traditionally designed wardrobe for the room, something will lack. 

Therefore, a fitted loft wardrobe is the wardrobe that has been built for you after the design and the loft dimensions have been closely observed, and they are made such that every nook and cranny of the designated space is catered.

Increases Property Value

Potential buyers of a property value nothing more than a house with abundant storage space; from this point of view, fitted loft wardrobes in London are a useful asset. Contemplating your decision from this angle of whether to get a fitted loft wardrobe installation makes concluding much easier and more convenient.

Custom-made Wardrobe Reduces Space Waste

A custom-made loft-fitted wardrobe in London can be manufactured in quite literally any manner to accommodate the space of your loft. With the multiple designs crafted at Kraft, such as dormers, hip-to-gable, mansard, velux, and L-shaped, adjusting a wardrobe and converting the loft into a functional and practical space for our customers is a skill we have mastered.

Optimise Storage Space

With time our belongings have been increasing. Simultaneously, the sizes of our new homes are decreasing, missing extra storage space. 

So to ensure that all belongings are kept safely, secured and organised in space, the perfect solution is to optimise your living arrangement by adding a loft-fitted wardrobe. 

Build-in wardrobes within a loft are the most appropriate for seamlessly blending in with today’s homes’ sophisticated and modern interiors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can put a wardrobe in a loft; in fact, it is a great solution if you want to improve the storage capacity of your loft bedroom.

Definitely, fitted wardrobes are worth the money, especially taking into account the fact that they are long-lasting.

Fitted wardrobes have an increased manufacturing cost as they are custom-made per the dimensions of your loft and the available space.

The depth of a wardrobe depends on the size of the loft. If the loft is small, then 50cm is enough for depth, else you should reconsider.

Yes, you can, and lofts are ideal for storing things.

As the fitted wardrobe is custom-made, its allocation in your loft is permanent and cannot be removed if you move out of the house.

Maximise your fitted wardrobe space by adding multiple and different sizes of racks and drawers.

As a general rule of thumb, store at most 50kg of weight per square meter to prevent overloading of the loft.

Yes, you can, but before that, convert the loft into a usable space with furniture and a cupboard.

A loft in a wardrobe is an enclosed space generally above the wardrobe utilised for storing goods and items that are less handy such as old clothes, beddings, or suitcases.

Loft Wardrobe Process 

Though the loft wardrobe building process may have specific variants that may differ, every fitted loft wardrobe entails similar developmental stages. 

As a customer working with Kraft, our staff will not disturb you. Throughout the process, the lead designer dedicated to the project will regularly visit the site and remain in contact with you through a decided communication channel, ensuring a smooth completion of the wardrobe. 

The process of building the loft wardrobe will begin with a member of Kraft visiting your house to take the specifications and to understand the requirements you put forward for the building of the fitted loft wardrobe. 

Our designer will consider all your demands and opinions, determining whether they are feasible and can be conveniently incorporated into your loft space. 

Once the design has been finalised and laid out on paper, we will provide you with a timeline specifying each step to be undertaken in the manufacturing alongside entering a contractual agreement with you. 

Although the typically fitted loft wardrobe process takes 8-12 weeks; however, depending on the kind of loft being built for you, either the project can be completed quickly or suffer a delay. Don’t worry; this, too, will be conveyed to you.

Installing Fitted Loft Wardrobes

Out of all the challenges faced in manufacturing fitted loft wardrobes in London, production and designs are not the only ones, but installation is a crucial step that must be accounted for. 

Installation of your loft wardrobe significantly impacts the long-term structural quality, integrity and appearance of your loft, and to make sure that all three aspects are maintained, we have an in-house team of a fully trained crew for installation purposes.

Unlike other companies, Kraft believes in working and accompanying their customers from the beginning to the finishing line; hence, we do not contact separate contractors for installation, but our team does the job. 

All our employees work tirelessly to eliminate any destruction to your personal property during installation by arriving fully equipped at your doorstep on the scheduled date and bringing protective sheets to safeguard flooring and furniture.

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