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Bridge Units London- Well-suited Per Your Space

Your only solution to accommodating space of any dimension and varying size is through bridge units in London. Structural in its geometry and contrasting in its materiality, Kraft combines and integrates multiple distinctive features in their bridge units London collection.

Inspired initially by the design of a modern credenza- a vivid and seamless composition of stowage, storage and room division. Each piece of furniture designed and introduced in our bridge unit’s collection is the ideal and best-suited remedy for choosing between maximising storage and enhancing space.

We understand the everyday workday needs of our consumers and how they must flow; hence, the bridge collection represents versatility and serves to be the “bridge,” bridging and connecting you and your demands. 

Whether it be your requirement for an impromptu area to perch or the addition of a stylish conference room, a place relaxing to recharge or a subtle division between spaces, the breadth of bold colours, vibrant fabrics, and wooden texture of our bridge units London will be catering to you effectively.

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Why Choose Kraft?

Agreeably, as a customer, it is your right to look into your multiple options for bridge units in London and then commit to the one that seems most promising to you. Regardless, let us convince you why you should choose Kraft. 

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Why Bridge Furniture

It is a widespread concern that every customer brings up when introduced to the idea of getting bridge furniture or bridge units London- why bridge?

Our only answer is that bridge unit London is a simple yet sophisticated representation of saving space and maximising utility. Contrary to other beliefs, bridge furniture is an ideal remedy to pick when and if you are looking for furniture or a design that would make your room aesthetically appealing while providing enough space to store and organise your commodities. 

Especially if the space is compact and small, with bridge furniture, you can get extremely creative and make the furniture adapt to the available space by designing it according to the room’s shape in the best way. 

For example, a bridge bedroom is a practical configuration for a room, and the room’s structure allows you to insert additional wardrobes and other storage elements only by exploiting the limited room area strategically and wisely.

A comprehensively designed bridge unit in London permits you to use the space underneath to your benefit. You can also save space on the floor and use the under-deck space. 

Likewise, this is the case with a bridge wardrobe. Though it may occupy space on the ground, you can only place other furniture pieces in the room by altering its height and width against the wall.

Bridge Work Space Desk

One of the useful and valuable ways to make the most out of your current space is to get a bridge working space desk. A bridge working space desk will provide a desk to house your laptop, coffee mug and other office necessities and enough room underneath the table’s height to store things away. 

Our bridge workspace desk has the following appealing qualities:

Configurability Is Purposeful

Therefore, a fitted loft wardrobe is the wardrobe that has been built for you after the design and the loft dimensions have been closely observed, and they are made such that every nook and cranny of the designated space is catered.

Functionality Is Practical

The essence of stowage lies at the heart of our bridge working space desk. The desk gives enough space to you to stow temporary personal items and bags away. Additionally, the nature of the workspace is nimble, meaning you have plenty of flexible options to include add-ons such as a decorative display, cable management and preferably a handy lockable space to secure your technology and other valuables.


Every workspace desk manufactured by our company is custom-made and tailored to meet your demands and suit the surroundings in which it is to be placed. 

From our vibrant colour range, you can choose any colour that is either your style or represents your brand.

Similarly, add any finish or creative back panel you desire, which will be a source of warmth and comfort to you and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bridge furniture is a kind of furniture that is distinguished from the rest mainly because of its shape, the shape of a bridge with space underneath. 

Yes, bridge units London are very useful, considering they provide additional storage space. 

Yes, space capacity can be conveniently enhanced with bridge furniture.

You can customise bridge wardrobes just like any other ordinary wardrobe. 

Bridge work desks are ideal for home offices because they can be made to fit in any space.

You can get a bridge wardrobe in a loft. It is the most practical option for a wardrobe in the loft. 

Bridge wardrobes are easy to place in any setting and maximise storage capacity by providing additional room for storing belongings. 

You can design your room to be a bridge unit by having the furniture manufactured as a bridge

Bridge furniture can be made in any material for you depending on your preference. 

Bridge furniture is highly customisable. 

Bridge Tables

Kraft’s bespoke range of tables contains consoles, side tables, and desks that can be placed anywhere around the house and not necessarily in a home office setting. 

Though the structure in which the table is delivered to you may differ, such as sometimes taking the shape of a console while in others the form of a bedside table, their manufacturing remains to stand as common ground among all bridge tables. 

All bridge tables designed and produced by Kraft tend to demonstrate the workings of a bridge in their outcome. Bridge Table inspiration has been drawn from London city’s cityscape skyline and the London Bridge, which is a connection between the two cities of Southwark and London. 

The linear legs on the adjacent sides of the bridge tables have a textural design, and the shelf of the table is topped off with a smooth surface with a high gloss finish. This beautifully and passionately structured bridge table tends to support the brutalist and modern design of a geometrically structured bridge.

Bridge Wardrobe

Typically it is only assumed that the privilege of a walk-in wardrobe is only to be availed by those who have huge houses, but what if we tell you that with a bridge wardrobe by your side, you can make your dream walk-in wardrobe a reality?

Precisely and only because of our wardrobe’s bridge module, it is a storage space framing functionality with ample space provided to accommodate all sorts, types, and sizes of furnishings. 

The capacious space for storage is more than enough. Still, an added advantage to the storing capacity is that upon varying the depth of the wardrobe, you can accommodate a desk, bed, piano table or sofa underneath. Imagine having a bridge wardrobe and your bed underneath the height. This might be all that you have always dreamt of! 

Moreover, the finishes on the doors’ front and back can be made bespoke to your needs. You can choose to go with the same ordinary shaker spray paint design on all the cupboard fronts or choose to be lively and opt for a play of contrast by mixing and matching unique colours on all the doors.

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