Bespoke Wall Units London

Bespoke wall units give a special aesthetic value to your home. They not only make your living room look outstanding but also provide a safe installation point for your TV.

They typically have drawers, cabinets, and shelves which you can use for storing things and displaying decoration pieces. You can get ready-made TV wall units or Custom Wall Units.

It is always better to opt for the custom wall units because they can be made to fit your room and also provide you with considerable storage space. They are constructed with different materials including Natural woods, MDF, melamine, and laminates.

Some people prefer the natural grains of the wood while others like a satin finish. While some have affordability in mind and prefer MDF. Regardless of which type of material you choose, the design, and the finish makes a huge difference. For the best Bespoke Wall Units London, get in touch with us today.

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We are experts at designing bespoke tv wall units London that match your indoors and provide your rooms with an elegant look. We can customize wall units according to your room measurements.

You can opt for any colour and finish which matches your interior. You can select designs from our completed jobs by looking at their pictures online. You can also make your design and share it with us.

The best way is to call our craftsmen to your home and show them where you want to install your TV. Our team members will take precise measurements and also exchange ideas with you.

They will revert to you with a free quote depending on your choice of material, the size of your Bespoke TV wall unit in London, the number of drawers/shelves, and the installation charges.

If you accept our quote, our crafting team will manufacture your TV wall unit and complete it in a few days. We will provide you with an installation date and our team will install your wall unit at your location.

Bespoke Wall Units London

Why Choose Us?

Best Designed Bespoke wall units

We manufacture Bespoke wall units in London with premium quality materials to ensure durability and a beautiful finish. Whether it is MDF, UPVC, or any natural wood, we procure all these materials from top-class vendors in the UK. All our Bespoke TV units are handcrafted to ensure complete precision. Our expert craftsmen will fit them in your room and ensure a perfect fit. You can select from numerous colours, finishes, and designs that suit your interior. Our bespoke wall units are specially designed to eliminate clutter and wires. You can store your TV, Gaming Console, DVD player, and much more in our TV wall units. You can add decoration pieces such as a vase, crystal pieces, picture frames, to compliment the beautiful design of our bespoke TV wall units.

Cost of Bespoke Wall units

The cost of bespoke wall units London can vary from affordable to expensive. This depends on your choice of material, the size of the bespoke wall unit, the design you choose, and the installation cost. MDF, UPVC, Natural woods, etc can all have different costs and can vary according to quality. Natural woods such as walnut, oak, walnut, maple, beech, and Sapele can all have different costs. MDF is comparatively more affordable than natural woods and can be painted in any colour. The number of drawers, shelves, etc you add will also change your cost. The total cost of a built-in tv wall unit in London will also depend on the labour charges and the installation charges.

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Get in touch with us on our registered number and talk to our craftsmen regarding different Wall Units in London. You can share your preferences with them and ask any questions which you may have. You can book a free visit so that our team can get the right measurements and advise you on what designs would suit you best. You can also check out designs that we have completed by checking our website. Once you have selected the design and the type of material, our team will get to work and within no time your bespoke wall unit will be installed at your place.

Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!