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10 Benefits of Sliding Doors Wardrobes in Contemporary Homes

Are you ready to commit and choose the next wardrobe in your bedroom? Well, if you are then you have come to the right place. In understanding the benefits of sliding door wardrobes you are able to make better-informed decisions on your next purchase.

Are sliding doors wardrobes cheaper?

In comparison with hinged wardrobes, sliding doors tend to be a little cheaper. However, you should still factor in style and components as key factors in the price consideration. Ultimately, when you are selecting your next wardrobe you need to remember that this furniture you are going to see every single day! If you work backward, rather than considering the cost as the ultimate factor, we are able to create beauty whatever the price range. Think about how your room currently looks, how you want it to look, then we can hone in on the right product for you.

1: Sliding doors wardrobes are space savers!

It’s true that by going with a sliding doors wardrobe installation you are saving space. Traditional hinged wardrobes open out into your floor, which means you will have a level of impedance with both doors open. With the sliding doors keeping any infraction from your current floor space, you do not need to factor any more space to have them.

2: Contemporary Style

Sliding doors certainly add a look to a room. Some of the beautiful styles we have available can transform a room. If you are in the market for a wardrobe that adds a personal character, as well as functionality, then a sliding door wardrobe could be for you.

3: Storage – Obvious but understated

By installing a sliding doors wardrobe you can take the opportunity to customize the interior to your taste. Whether you are a sneaker fan, or a hanging clothes guru you can tailor the internals of your wardrobe to suit your need. Against the hinged counterparts, sliding doors enable a little more functionality in your wardrobe.

4: Mirror or Colour

One of the more popular reasons for people choosing sliding doors is the ability to dual-purpose the outside. Installing mirrors can be a clever addition to smaller rooms or darker rooms. In a smaller room, you can make the room feel that much bigger by installing mirrors. It also means that you have allowed more space by not needing to fit a mirror elsewhere in the room. With the large mirrors reflecting any light coming into a room, you can create a more light and airy feeling. To check out more of our images you can see our sliding doors wardrobes.

Design and Vision of Sliding Doors Wardrobes

Choosing your next wardrobe should be executed on the vision of your room. We have installed 100s of sliding doors wardrobes and no one has been the exact same. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and our team knows this. We will help shape your vision while still factoring in practicality and usability. Let’s refine your vision with our expertise by giving us a call today at 0207-018-0080 or dropping us an email here.

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